Family Taskboard
App for iPad
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Use the Family Taskboard to distribute household chores and other duties among your family. Viewing all tasks in a weekly overview helps you to find a fair distribution of tasks.
Every task has a cute icon, which you drag onto the weekly planer. Setting tasks to done in the task overview gives your children a positive feed back of achievement.

Task Overview

  • show tasks of every family member for yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • set tasks to done
  • add and remove tasks
  • shift tasks between family members
  • show detailed description of task
  • different views: 1 day, 3 days, selected person


Weekly Planer

The weekly planer is like a subject schedule of school children.
You distribute the tasks for every week day among your family.

  • distribute tasks for entire week, similar to a subject schedule for school children Example: John sets the table for diner on Monday and Mary on Tuesday
  • drag tasks from task bar to a person and weekday, shift tasks by dragging them to another place
  • fill the weekly plan with tasks in an open discussion with your children.


Task Configuration

  • choose from 54 predefined tasks organized in 7 groups
  • describe the task in more detail
  • define an amount for a task, like 15 minutes memorizing vocabulary


Names View

  • add and remove names of family members
  • define font for each name



  • each view is explained
  • overview of usage is explained

Main usage path

  • enter names of your family members
  • choose tasks that you want to use and configure them
  • distribute tasks among family members in weekly planer
  • see an overview of everybody's tasks and set tasks to done


Detailed Help

  • each view is explained
  • usage is shown with detailed explanations


Following people participated in the creation of the Family Taskboard

Martin Varendorff: Idea, Graphical Design and Development
Martin Backschat: Architecture and Development
Hedda Varendorff: Drawings
Aine Hagenbucher: English Language Check

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